Our pledge to our community and to the entire crypto world is to be honest, ethical, transparent and credible in everything that we do. 


As such, though not mandated by any law we adhere to the following code of conduct and ethics:

As such, though not mandated by any law we adhere to the following code of conduct and ethics:

1 Create an environment where open, honest
information is shared across the community
2 Always provide credible, researched, up
to date information.
3 Conduct reasonable research on any
guest that is invited on any of our shows.
4 Conduct reasonable research and showcase
noteworthy projects in an open, honest and
transparent way, highlighting any potential risks.
5 To always disclose any personal invest-
ments or holding of any of our hosts
or journalists.
6 Disclose or highlight any conflict of interest
that any of our hosts or editors have at all
1 Neither Crypto Banter nor any of its hosts or editors may accept any form of payment in cash, tokens or other for exposure on the channel.
2 We do not sell interviews or project features neither for cash nor tokens.
3 From time to time the hosts, editors or the station may invest in tokens or projects that are featured on the show either before they are featured or after they are featured. In these cases we will endeavour to be transparent and disclose such investments.

Ran Neu-ner

After founding and successfully exiting the largest marketing business in Africa, Ran Neu-ner has put all of his energy and passion into building the crypto community.

Ran founded and is the anchor of the world’s first televised crypto show called Crypto Trader which is aired on CNBC Africa. He also founded Crypto Banter, a crypto social-cast, with the sole purpose of supporting, educating and growing the global Crypto community.

Ran is also the founder of the Blockchain Investment Institute, an online education platform for anyone interested in investing in crypto.

Ran is a finance major, a CFA charter holder, a Harvard alumni and a board member of the Young Presidents organization in New York City.

Current track